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When most people think about nutrition, they think about it in terms of what they eat is either good or bad, based on what they’ve learned about the “food pyramid” and the government’s essential daily requirements. Some people think about nutrition as the food they consume providing energy to their body in the form of calories. This is true; however, nutrition is so much more than that. Nutrition is really the analysis of the nutrients in food, how the body uses those nutrients and their relationship to health, body composition and illness.

Foods can be nutrient dense or nutrient void with everything in between. For optimal nutrition it is important to have a diet comprised of macro and micronutrients. Various diets provide varying degrees of those, percentage wise and therefore varying degrees of optimal nutrition.

A “diet” should be a way of eating, not just a plan to correct how one has eaten poorly. Your diet is part of your lifestyle, and for any diet to be sustainable, it has to take into account the person’s individual needs as well as their desires. I work with clients to help them develop a way of eating that is flexible and works for their unique body and goals. No food is ever forbidden but is considered in their overall plan to fit into their macronutrients.

If you are ready to learn a new way of eating to help you achieve your goals, not feel deprived or like you need to cheat, I am ready to equip you with your individualized plan that will help you realize your goals.

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